Parchment stuck in loaf; disaster averted & not too ugly

There are many things going on here.
(1) new Mockmill, my first - yay!
(2) first loaf using freshly ground flour: Red Fife that came with the Mockmill. Thanks @breadtopia!
(3) 100% whole wheat (all Red Fife);
(4) tried a long cold autolyse for the first time.
(5) 90% hydration (I’ve been playing around more w/ higher hydration levels, with varying success)

Dough was really soft, pliable, and extensible, though hard to shape. When I flipped the banneton, parchment, and peel over before moving the dough to the clay baker, one end of the loaf stuck to the banneton and was pulled out past the edge of the parchment. Curse words were expressed. Then when I tried to lift the parchment w/dough off the peel into the baker, it seemed like the whole thing would slide off the parchment. So I picked the peel up and pushed and slid the parchment and proofed loaf together into the pre-heated baker. More cursing ensued. The overhanging bit of dough ended up curled under the edge of the parchment for the bake.

The result is below. I was worried the parchment was permanently stuck – but it came out quite easily.

In the end, it’s quite a tasty loaf. In other words, success! :smiley: I think I’ll drop the hydration next time, though, for easier shaping and more ovenspring.

Parchment stuck in bottom of baked loaf.

The parchment came out quite easily.

This is the “damaged” end – it’s actually nicer looking than the ‘good’ end.

In the image above, the piece on the right has been toasted.


Looks like you saved the bread – it looks spectacular!

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@Fermentada Melissa is right! That loaf looks wonderful!
@susanmcc99 Susan, you did GREAT!


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An essential and often-overlooked ingredient in home bread baking.

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Seriously. My husband noted that the greater the quantity and strength of the curse words I express, the better the loaf. Clearly, cursing builds gluten and enhances flavor. YMMV.

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Perhaps my next experiment blog will be along these lines :wink:

One dough will subjected to cursing, the other, kind words and encouragement. LOL
A third dough will get some music…

Have you seen this study?

Science! :rofl::rofl: