Oven gloves for women

I have bought a pair of silicone gloves—too big and a pair of oven gloves for women—only works to 350 degrees. Does anyone have a pair they like and works for 450-500 degrees?


@Sheepdog55, I bought a pair of the oven gloves for women here on Breadtopia and they work perfectly for me. I wholeheartedly can recommend them and definitely feel that you need to wear one on each hand for best protection and ability to handle a heavy hot item. I heat my oven to 500 degrees and I can easily handle the lid on my clay baker and for removing the clay baker from the oven after my bread is done baking. Please be aware that if you hand are wet, even slightly damp, the insulating factor when using the gloves is dramatically reduced. So make sure your hands are dry. Also, though the gloves work very well, they’re not intended for holding onto the hot clay baker for an extended period of time. I know because I accidentally held onto my hot clay baker a bit too long and felt the heat through my gloves. But for holding onto items for a short period of time, I find the gloves I bought here to be great.



Thanks. I’ll check them out.

I have these: Heat Guardian gloves to 932F from Amazon. I’ve had them for a year and am very happy. I do have large hands but the gloves are knit and seem to conform. What I like, aside from the heat tolerance, is that the cuff protects my wrist and forearm. It is a bit difficult to see in the photos, but the cuff extends about 6 inches up my arm from my wrist bone.

I have the Bruella gloves from Amazon. Bruella Women’s Oven Gloves with Silicone | Oven Mitts with Extra Long Sleeves to Prevent Forearm Burns | Heat Resistant to 932°F / 500°C | 1 Pair https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F29W3S1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_QUO4DbAFPS556

I find that that there are not enough of the white dots to cover the glove to make them heat resistant. Frequently, I’ve grabbed onto the lid or handles and had to drop it because it’s hot immediately. Maybe your version has more to prevent that.


It does look like the Heat Guardian have a LOT more white dots and stars and I hold my oblong baker in 1 hand while I rearrange things and no issue with heat. BUT, they only come in one size. They fit my hands well, but when I buy work and/or gardening gloves, I buy men’s large. So, these might be too big for “normal” women’s hands :slight_smile:

This is me using the kevlar gloves that breadtopia sells. I am wearing the large size, but I linked to the small (aka “ladies”) size.

In this video, the oven has been pre-heating for half an hour with the baker inside it, so everything is at 450 F. It is absolutely a non-issue to grab the hot clay baker at full temperature. I find these gloves make everything to do with the hot parts of bread baking very simple.

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Paul, these are the gloves I use, ladies size as I have small hands, and I think they’re awesome!


Thanks for posting a video! I am convinced I’ll order these.

I use Kuraidori brand gloves that are made for barbecuing and they go up to my elbows, which I really like when lifting hot lids from my oven. The gloves in my experience are so much better than mitts as they give you the dexterity.

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I use these ones from Grill Heat: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RUBZNDQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I love them, but I think any glove designed for wood-fired ovens would suffice. With mine, I can handle my hot dutch oven and not feel a thing, and they are easy to maneuver in.

Thanks!! I ordered those this morning after your suggestion…anxious to try

I’ve got silicone oven mitts by HOMWE, you can read more about them here. They offer protection up to 450°F. These oven mitts are the best ones I’ve ever had! The only downside is that the black portion at the arm is narrow and with some heavy long sleeves it’s hard to get it over what I’m wearing.