Out of stock?

Why is so much of the flour products out of stock?
Do you ever stock Rice Flour? Light Rye?

@Roger_S Hi! I was curious about the rye whole berries and flour question that you posted and took a quick look at the site.

The whole rye berries are simply the entire grain of rye which, in my opinion, when milled would probably produce what is considered to be dark rye. The whole berries are what I buy because I store them in my freezer and just mill some (defrosted, of course) as I need it.

What I did see, and what I think might work well for you, is the bolted rye flour! From reading the description it may be that compromise for a “light” rye you’re looking for. I’ve posted the link below but you may still have to wait for it to become more available due to COVID-19 restrictions, perhaps a few weeks. I hope this helps answer your question.

To answer your question about rice flour: I don’t believe Breadtopia has ever sold rice flour. That being said, a great company for organic rice flour in the USA would be Bob’s Red Mill. They sell rice flour. I’ve included a link for you.

Baking blessings,