Onion Bagels without onions

Growing up in Massachusetts, several Jewish bakeries made onion bagels with seeds in them instead of the traditional NY style onion bagel with toasted onions on the outside. I no longer live in the northeast and I have no bagel bakery contacts there. I used to think the seeds were onion seeds; little black seeds.
Now I wonder if these weren’t poppy seeds and if the dough didn’t have onion powder or similar. I think the frozen Lender’s bagels were made similarly.
Does anyone know how to make similar?

I don’t know the answer to your question as to how to make something similar…

But, I bet you are correct in that the dough has onion powder. The Onion bagels with toasted onions on the outside … really never seem to have onions inside. I think you will have to experiment with onion powder. I might give it a try over the weekend as I’ve been thinking about bagels :slight_smile:

Let me know if you get to try to create these bagels before me. I’m awaiting some high gluten flour and may not get to them this weekend.