One of my pet baking hates

When you’re following a bread recipe which you think is for one loaf but is actually for two loaves. And for some reason the author has opted for a dough weight that’s too much for one loaf but dividing in two makes ridiculously small loaves. Seriously, why do these so called professional bakers have such weird ideas of loaf sizes?

What’s your pet bake hate?

Pet Peeve:
When a recipe blog has 12 photos of the finished product from different angles and distances, but doesn’t offer any photos of the complicated steps in the process. Advertisements, I understand even if I don’t love them popping up as I scroll, but not one photo that could actually help me make the recipe and clarify the word soup and keep me from have to google more…!?

Oh I have another because I bake and cook a lot… :wink:
Similar to your pet peeve, why do most brownie/blondie/bar recipes not fill the pan they claim they’re going to fill? The recipe will say 9x13, but I usually have to 1.5x the recipe just to cover the bottom of the pan. Is this just me?


Pet Peeve:

Baker’s Percentages that treat starter as a separate ingredient rather than including the flour and water therein as parts of aggregate flour, water and salt percentages for the dough as a whole. So, for example, 2% salt means different things depending on how much starter is used and almost never actually means 2% based on the aggregate flour in the dough as a whole. Apologies if my OCD is showing.

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Too right! And about those photos… I thought they were baking a cake and not a whole reception.

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I know what you mean. When I plan my own recipe I do something like this format…

Overall Recipe:

  • 500g bread flour (100%)
  • 350g water (70%)
  • 10g salt (2%)

This way I’ve planed the weight of the final dough I wish for and all the percentages to the flour. A good neat overall plan.

Then I’ll take out from the total flour and water how much I want prefermented etc.

While I can follow recipes which follow your pet peeve my brain prefers the logical steps I go through when doing my own thing.

Oh I hear you on the pan size for brownie/blondie/bar recipes! Sometimes I think I should just bite the bullet and use my 9x9 square pan instead of the 9x13 the recipe calls for. What’s the worst that could happen? The batter will be thicker in the pan? I might have to bake it a tad longer? Truth be told I haven’t done any baking other than our breads.

I’ve done the smaller pan thing – yep, thicker brownies and longer bake and totally fine.
Except that I question why I made such a small pan for the hungry horde I live with haha

Has anyone tried the Baker’s Edge brownie pan (or lasagna pan)? I have not, but it looks interesting. Slightly smaller (9x12) and with several cavities that further reduce the surface area, but mostly the idea of brownies or lasagna with multiple edges on each piece seems like genius.

Great concept! (Reminds me of the dog food bowls for too-fast eaters who risk bloat.)
This will be me if I get one more pan though :slight_smile:

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Wow, that was an eye opener! And she hasn’t even gotten into breadmaking – or so it appears!

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Another one…

When someone “cooks bread”. The word is bake! "B A K E"

I agree, so I always double the 2 loaf recipe, then make 3 loaves out of the double batch. It saves being aggravated over just making a 2 or 4 puny loaves.

I agree. It seems this would be standardized. I do like Abe’s suggestion though and will put that to use.