Oblong clay baker--unglazed?

(kapalmer7151) #1

I just received the Breadtopia Oblong cloche clay baker. The inside bottom is not glazed. My batard clay baker is glazed and nothing sticks. Will bread dough stick badly to unglazed surface? Should I use parchment? Should I flour the surface or put seeds? How about coating with oil?

(Melissa) #2

I use parchment for maneuverability and have actually not tried it without.

@easummers Do you use the oblong baker without parchment?

(Liz) #3

No. I use parchment in the banneton and then lift via parchment into the baker … no flipping.

(Melissa) #4

Thanks! So two for parchment and no data on bare :slight_smile: Lovely breads

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(ltrabulus) #5

I have an unglazed baker. when i first used it the bread stuck, then i tried using parchment which was fine. and then… i made sure that the baker was oven pre-heated at cooking temp for 30 minutes, voila… haven’t had a stuck loaf since. no oil, no parchment, no fuss.

(mustangmike) #6

Just line the bottom with parchment paper, that’s what I do and it works great. I have a dozen clay pots and only one of them is glazed. I didn’t care for the way it baked bread and I no longer use it.

(VroomT) #7

I have multiple unglazed clay bakers and don’t use parchment. The bread doesn’t stick. I have preheated and not preheated them. The bread doesn’t stick. I have a glazed clay baker and the bread sticks. I use parchment on that one.

(kapalmer7151) #8

Thanks! I’m going to try the parchment the first time, just to make it easier to get the dough into the baker, and see how this oblong baker works out.

(bengoshi) #9

Parchment is key — I’m not sure why the basic “no knead” recipes all omit that option. I used to have trouble with the “death defying flop” into the lava hot pan. Occcassionally it would miss slightly, and wham, bread is misshapen and unsightly. Using the parchment its always perfect — just place dough on parchment and then slowly ease it into the pan, it works every time. I will pull the parchment at the 15 minute lid off phase to add to the bottom crust, but even that is probably unnecessary

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(Melissa) #10

I’m loving all this feedback :slight_smile:

(kapalmer7151) #11

Thanks everyone! Success using parchment. 2nd rise in the oblong baker and into a preheated oven.

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(Leah) #12

@kapalmer7151, Admittedly I always use parchment paper to line my clay bakers since my very first loaf last year. It has thankfully been the perfect solution to keep my bread from ever sticking to my clay baker, simple and effective.

Enjoy your baking!

(Lawrence Miller) #13

You can season it. https://www.instructables.com/id/Seasoning-stoneware-baking-pans-and-pizza-stones/

(Linda) #14

I just sprinkle som coarsely ground corn meal on the bottom. Works like a charm. Parchment paper would be good too, of course.