Oat Porridge Sourdough

(Melissa) #1

I made this Oat Porridge sourdough with yeast water recently. The steel cut oats were cooked in milk for breakfast, and a few days later I used the leftovers for a sourdough.

Here’s the formula. It was a pretty wet dough. Two loaves.

900g flour (700 bread, 200 whole grain turkey red)
710g water (460 regular, 250 fruit yeast water)
300g steel cut oat porridge
160g sourdough starter
1.5 tsp salt

Toasted Millet Porridge Sourdough
(Arlo48) #2

Those look really good, and the crumb is beautiful. I will definitely try this. The one variable is how much moisture is in the oat porridge. For the millet porridge, I followed Eric’s instructions exactly, ending up with a pretty dry porridge that I eventually hand-crumbled into the dough. But I’m finding there’s a lot of flexibility in these recipes, so if it means the dough is wetter than ideal and harder to handle, it still works.

(Melissa) #3

Yes, porridge hydration is so variable! How long the millet soaked and at what room humidity, how long the millet and water boiled before you lowered the temp to simmer, and how low is your lowest setting – all impact the wetness of the final porridge. I wrote the millet porridge blog, and in developing the recipe, I got dryer and wetter porridges using the same water and millet amounts. Confounding!

(Arlo48) #4

Oh, it was your recipe! Quite impressive. I’m sure it took a lot of work to put that together. Thank you!!

(charlesvk) #5

They look wonderful and tasty Melissa! Great bake!