Nutri-Mill course/fine setting question

Nutri Mill Harvest Grain Mill

I’ve had this mill for about 5 months and never felt comfortable obtaining the desired flour course/fine settings but for the most part, I’ve obtained useful and tasty flour from Rye, Red Winter Wheat Berries and Rice.

Now, it seems if I adjust it until the stones just touch and then back off until they don’t I’m getting at best cracked rye.

I just had to run this rye through 3 times to achieve a nice rye flour. I also noticed after each pass, the setting of the mill stones was vastly different. For example, If I tried to reset them to just touching I had to turn the adjustment hopper now almost 3/4 of a turn clockwise before they touched almost like the knob had backed off but it didn’t.

I removed the hopper and I can only assume the adjustment knob is supposed to push the black plastic stone holder down. It is very stiff but that might be normal.

I don’t like multiple passes as the partially milled flour does not like to feed easily and I have to manually force it down in the hopper.

Is any of this normal?