No Frills Sourdough Pancakes with lemon and sugar

This is how I use surplus sourdough starter. My Starter is 100% hydration starter using White Bread Flour.


300g Sourdough Starter (150g Bread Flour, 150g Water).
100ml Milk (Lite Milk eg. 2% Milk works fine too).
2 eggs.
Salt to your preference but I use 5g (about a teaspoon)

Juice one lemon into a small jug
1 tsp sugar per pancake

Butter for frying pan.


Combine starter, milk, salt and eggs into stainless bowl and whisk until the starter is perfectly mixed in with the liquid ingredients. The mixture will be a nice uniform consistency and will have air bubbles on the top. There is no need to let the mixture stand before cooking as the flour was already hydrated in the starter.

Heat Frying pan and add a small amount of butter. If non-stick it can be as little as 2 grams.

Add 1/4 of the mix to the pan using a ladle. Watch the top of the pancake and when sufficiently cooked flip the pancake and fry until both sides are browned.

Sprinkle 1 tsp sugar on the pancake and add a small amount of lemon juice (don’t drown it). Roll the pancake up and eat immediately while hot.

Notes: In Australia we often make pancakes with plain flour rather than self raising flour. I note Americans often eat fluffy pancakes. I am used to pancakes that are more like a thick crepe ie. flatter. These pancakes strike a really nice compromise between both types. They are relatively flat but do rise a little and are softer than an unleavened plain (AP) flour Australian pancake. I think these pancakes have an amazing soft texture.

Makes 4 Pancakes


I have had my eye on this recipe since you posted! I grew up in the Midwest U.S. … home to MANY pancake houses, but I’ve never liked the thick cake-y pancakes. My mom made thin, crispy edged pancakes.

I made these (1/2 recipe for me) for my supper and LOVED them. The lemon and sugar are really a great compliment and something I’ve not had before.

This is a keeper recipe for me - Thank you!

I did much better cooking the 2nd … on the right … plus more butter so it browned nicely :slight_smile:


I’m so pleased Liz - the one the right looks absolutely spot on!

It’s actually an adaption from my family’s tried and true crispy pancake recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly (magazine). The original recipe was real simple. 1 metric cup (250ml) plain (AP) flour, 1 metric cup milk (250ml), 2 eggs and salt. I knew how many grams of flour I normally used and just substituted the bread flour in the starter for it. Obviously there is water and milk in the sourdough version rather than just milk and the yeast in the starter makes them rise a bit.

As an aside, I also use the new sourdough pancake recipe for spinach and cheese crepes. You just make a tasty cheese sauce with spinach, fill the pancakes with the mixture and top with some tasty cheese.

At any rate it’s a great way of using starter if you don’t bake bread every single week.


Spinach and cheese sauce!!! I was thinking maybe orange juice, zest and chocolate for a dessert thing. Yum, yum, yum :slight_smile:


That’s the way we eat them in Ireland on pancake Tuesday, or fat Tuesday in America.
I never thought to try it with the cast off sourdough, but I will soon.
Thanks for sharing.

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