New KitchenAid mixer - normal or struggling?

I just got a new KitchenAid Professional 600 mixer and I was pretty shocked at how much it seemed to struggle with its first batch of bread dough.

Is this normal for this model?

As you can hear, it bogs down then speeds up. It’s on the recommended 2 setting. It got pretty hot after 8 minutes. Also, the bowl and arms seem to move a lot.

I had a 35 year old KitchenAid K5SS that never struggled with anything.


I think it sounds like it should, as thick loads will cause the motor to respond differently than beating icing for example. I am still using my KAid K5ss …Had it since 1979. It is still going strong. As for the bowl jumping around seems like it would with bread dough. I don’t use my KAid for Bread Dough, never tried it. I have a Bread Machine and my good ole 2 hands. Use my 2 hands almost all the time. Hope your Bread came out great.

I returned the KA Pro 600. I expected to rebuild the K5SS but that turned out to not be an option as all the parts available are made by Whirlpool and are not the original Hobart quality. Given the state of it, it would’ve cost $250 for the Chinese-made parts.

I ended up getting an Ankarsrum as I’m increasingly dependent on using a machine for mixing and kneading bread. It is weird and takes time to learn how to use it but so far, so good.

Doesn’t sound right, to me. I have a KA 6000 Pro that never slows and doesn’t sound like that. Probably a good thing you returned it.

I have a newer (2010 or so KA 600 Pro that I used for bread doughs for several years, not very frequently. After 2 or 3 years the machine started to struggle, gears getting louder and grinding, and the motor would seriously heat up. Now I use it mainly for cookie doughs and to power the KA accessories I have. Bought an Ankarsrum and cannot believe the difference. Quality is far higher, and it doesn’t seem to mind how heavy the dough gets. It is a little strange getting used to, but I believe the dough comes out better. I would never buy another KA.

The one I had sounded and acted just like that. Got pretty hot also. I didn’t consider it to be a problem.

Had my o=ld KA repaired recently and he told be to always start the dough hook before lowering it int the dough and only run it on 1 once the dough gets stiff. When it’s liquid and you’re just mixing in ingredients you can go faster. But once you get most of the four in and things get thick slow down to 1.