New Banneton?

(purvline) #1

Just got my first banneton. Are there any instructions for priming it for first use? Should I rinse it, or just spray with olive oil and dust with flour and go for it?

(sysadmin) #2

There are some instructions for using and maintaining a rattan banneton on their respective product pages, for example:

Hope that helps!

(MTJohn) #3

spray it lightly with a little water and then dust liberally with rice flour.

(charlesvk) #4

Since it´s a natural woodlike product; I brushed mine with oil (I used an oil for wooden cutting boards), let it rest overnight and took a paper towel to remove any excess oil the next day. That brings out a bit more color as well, which I like. I rinsed it first btw. After that I sprayed just a bit of water and dusted it with rice flour. Waited for a half an hour and tapped the excess flour off. Done.

Now I dust it a bit with rice flour, as well as the dough, before putting it in the banneton.

Hope that helps.

(gwage) #5

I spritzed mine with water, dusted with flour and set it aside to dry. Before using I dust again with Brown Rice flour which really helps the dough to release. Never had anything stick to the basket yet!