My Starter is finally working

My starter now has a name, Igor, because he was headed to the trash when he got his last chance. He was on death row when I decided to try “Emile’s Everyday Sourdough” recipe and it turned out great! First time!! I wanted a crisp crust and a chewy crumb and I got it. Easy and delicious. 6 months of misses, near misses and failures to finally achieve a fine bread


Lovely. After all this perseverance you’re breads are going to taste extra special.

Bon Appetit.

Thank you. If I wasn’t so afraid of being obese I’d eat half a loaf at every meal :joy::joy:

Looks delicious, can you post the link to the starter? Are you saying you fed and worked a single starter 6months before it finally worked well for you? If so, that’s DEDICATION.

The starter is just equal AP flour, water. I did that for 7 days then started using it and would refrigerate in between bakes. Then I’d take it out and discard all but 50gms, feed it 50 AP flour and 50 water. As soon as it would rise double I’d try a bread again. Sometimes it would take 2 days but I think what worked was the bread recipe, enough flour in the banetton, and a smaller Dutch oven so it couldn’t spread only rise.

I’m wondering where you found “Emile’s everyday sourdough” recipe?

I googled it.

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