My first try!

(Dervin) #1

Just made this Artesian Sourdough Rye Bread
Have been baking for meny years and working with sourdough and sourdough starters but this was my first attempt at Artesian bread style, will definitely not be my last!! What a wonderful bread, Smply Fantastic!! The crust, chewy crumb
and a delicious flavor!! Thank you so for showing
me how easy it is to make!! In fact just started a new batch!!

(Leah) #2

@Dervin, Gorgeous! The rye bread is a favorite of mine too!


(Dervin) #3

Yes, just baked my second one just as good as the first. Wonderful aroma, great taste, crispy crust, chewy inside but not guite the rise I would like, not bad. Might be over proving on the first rise (12 hour)?? I have Brod & Taylor proving box
(oven) that I use, I normally set it at 74—76, good for loaf pan bread, maybe to high for Artesian style baking??