My first loaf in 25 years!

(Chapps) #1

Well, I couldn’t have done this without the great supplies that I’ve ordered from Breadtopia. And a bread cloche really makes a difference.

First loaf in 25 years - I must have read about technique and recipes dozens of times before starting the mix last night. Next time, I think I’ll stretch and fold more during the first proof, to see if I get a loftier loaf. And, no, I haven’t tasted it yet because I can’t bear to cut it up! I will, I will …

Learned a LOT of lessons on this one, including the fact that dry Los Angeles means using a wetter towel over the dough. And I’ll have to use milk or water on top of the loaf before scoring so that all of the seeds don’t drop off during baking! :laughing:

(Leah) #2

What a lovely loaf!

Bread blessings,

(Chapps) #3

Many thanks. Now that I’ve tasted it, here’s my review:

  1. Very dense - not as fluffy as I would have liked. I’ll have to do a higher hydration bread next time. Which will be tonight.

  2. Not enough ‘sour’ in the sourdough. I’ll have to study up on how to increase that taste wallop. The dogs, however, were very happy with their small pieces.

Having said those two things, it’s a very soft and fresh tasting white bread with an absolutely perfect (to my taste) crunchy crust.

I anticipate making a LOT of bread before I get it right. And in the meantime, I’ve got a mess of hamentashen to bake!