My first hand made bread

This is my first attempt at making a loaf of no knead bread from the Sullivan Street Bakery recipe. The only thing I had on hand to bake the loaf was a thick bottomed Kirkland stainless steel pot. I decided to try it as an experiment to see if it would work or not. I didn’t know if this will affect the taste or not as I have never made bread in a La Cloche or Dutch oven. After the loaf was cooled on a rack, I cut the loaf open, slathered a piece with butter AND the taste was very good. My next attempt will be a sourdough once my starter is finished growing.


I think I need a sharper knife.

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The crust and crumb look GREAT!!!

Re a sharper knife … GAH … I think we all want that or something that “slides” through an artisanal crispy crust loaf. I have tried multiple “bread” knives and have yet to find one that does not take considerable effort and constant sharpening.

I have a dream about a kitchen saw device :slight_smile:

But bottom line …. great loaf of bread and keep on baking!!


Well done! Looking forward to future loaf posts from you! I just ordered a dutch oven this week and can’t wait to start baking with it.

It looks like it came out great!

Hi howd your bread turn out? I made two boules so far in my stainless steel dutch oven so far. The first time the crust was really crunchy and a bit too hard for me so next time I just left it off for 5 minutes. The crust was much better and still crunchy but not to the extreme.

It did and the second was was better :slight_smile:

I got an enamel coated cast iron. Hopefully it arrives this week. I’ve found in general that my oven runs hot so I’ve had crust come out too crunchy as well. I tried lowering the temp but then the inside was underdone. I need to invest in a thermometer so I can be more certain.