My first attempt at Gluten free bread

(Norman) #1

Used Breadtopia’s gluten free bread flour and used a scale and followed @eric Artisan Style Gluten Free Bread recipe exactly as instructed in the video. The woman (ceiliac) I made it for loved it she said it’s the best she ever had. Me I am not satisfied with the way it looks its not very tall? Any suggestions?

(Eric) #2

Hi Norman. Hard for me to tell what went wrong here. Looks like it either never rose well or rose and collapsed before or during baking. Is that basically gooey, dense, uncooked dough in the middle? I’m shooting in the dark, but kinda seems either proofing times were off or something to do with the yeast.

(Norman) #3

Thanks Eric the woman I made it for loves it and yes it was a little gooey. Now I also used whole milk, and I don’t like the results of the yeast and I will try again using bread machine yeast and Almond milk. Thanks @eric

(Eric) #4

Sounds good. Let us know it goes.

(Norman) #5

@eric no problems this time, I used almond milk and new yeast and used my microwave as a proofing box. I kneaded it really good and proofed it for a little over an hour. I just wish it would be taller. The young lady I make it for has “celiac disease” and she says she loves the taste she is very happy. So I will continue to make it. Thanks Eric great bread flour!

(Eric) #6

Excellent! Glad to hear it. And see it ;-).