Morning bake - French bread a flop I think

I used a sourdough french bread recipe and I think it will be a flop. I am thinking the crumb will be tight and gummy. I dont think I kneaded the dough enough. I will find out when I cut into it it is still warm


How’d it turn out? I’m a fan of 65-67% hydration for baguettes. It makes shaping easier and the “more water=more open crumb” rule doesn’t seem to apply to baguettes :slight_smile:

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Well heres a pic of the finished product. Crumb looks kinda dense especially at the bottom. Would the problem be not enough rise time? or the gluten was not fully developed.

The taste was very good though.


Looks pretty good. Denser bottom could be any number of things. Did you flip the baguettes after the final proof? I think that can help reverse bottom and top density. Also oven temp… baking on a 450-500F stone will get the base of the dough hot and aerated, I think.

Ok thks I didnt have my oven up that high. and no i didnt flip the baguettes guess I better read more information or watch more vids. Thanks for your input it is appreciated


You’re welcome. The learning never ends with bread : )
This video might be helpful if you haven’t already seen it, and you can substitute sourdough starter for the poolish.

Also, Breadtopia is going to post a sourdough demi baguette recipe soon.
Here’s a sneak peak at some long thin baguettes I made with the demi recipe. (1.5x the recipe and made each baguette bigger. Trying to see the max I could fit on my baking stone all at once.)

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Que Rico,

You are a master how long have you been doing sourdough?

Gracias :slight_smile: I started baking bread a little over 3 years ago. I immediately stopped buying it at the store, and soon after, one of my kids implied or perhaps even said outright that she was devastated by the lack of baguettes in the house. Thus was born my quest to make baguettes that would satisfy her (and have some whole grain wheat in them).

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sso your baking 3 days a week lol or tell me how long will an uncut baguette, boule last or do you freeze them once they cool down. I am interested so I dont have to bake every other day. maybe I am lazy :worried:

I do bake about 3 days a week – good guess :slight_smile: I enjoy the process, plus I need to bake a lot for recipe testing, plus my family can eat close to all of it. Though, I actually do give away bread to friends at least once a week. And I freeze it – sliced in a bag.

Boules and batards go 2-3 days cut-side down on a board, uncovered. That’s for my kitchen humidity and preference for hardness – I think some people are good with longer.

I wrap baguettes after 1 day (press-and-seal plastic wrap or beeswax wrapping or a bag).

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