Mockmill KA attachment availability

Hey all,

New here and liking the feel of Breadtopia. I emailed [email protected] about ordering it and haven’t had a response after a few days. I’d really like to get a mill and this sounds like it would work well for me. It went from available in June to no ETA. However, it’s possible to put it in the cart and order now, which wasn’t possible with the “firm” ETA of June.

Mills are hard to find now, but there’s one outfit with an ETA in Aug. A little more expensive but I’d rather support Breadtopia TBH.

So here’s what was in my [email protected] request:

The Mockmill KitchenAid attachment is available for ordering but with unknown ETA. Is it worthwhile to pre-order it? Is there any other info available? If I do pre-order can I cancel? Should it be pre-ordered separately from other items?<<