Making a couche

Does anyone know if a couche is more than just a simple piece of linen?
I want to buy one to start making baguettes and more, but before I do, I thought I might make one on my own since I already have the material at home. Bought from a cloth store for totally different reasons.

Would it work? Or is there something I’m missing?


I’ve used cotton tea towels in a pinch so I’m sure a stiffer linen fabric will be better, closer to what Breadtopia sells. I’d just make sure it has no dyes or starch.

Here’s my care routine (not sure what the official advice is): I let it dry completely after using it, then fold and store somewhere where I don’t mind flour drifts. I don’t wash it because it’s only got refined sourdough-inoculated flour on it.

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Melissa, do you scrape any excess flour from the couche before allowing it to air dry and then store?

No, but it doesn’t have any chunks of dough that would dent the next baguettes/ciabattas.

This is what it looked like as of two months ago :slight_smile:

edited to add, your baguette scoring looks great – you should be doing this video!

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Thanks for the compliment. I’m still working on improving my baguettes but fortunately I’ve made some progress. Need to be consistent with shaping and then gets some ears on them.