Looking for bread baking in New Haven, CT area

(Karla) #1

I’m from South Africa and visiting the states soon. I’m keen to visit some bread baking stores - is there a directory of the bread World online? I’ll visit CT, MA, CO, AZ, NV, CA, HI

(BreadGork) #2

That is quite a spread of states there.

As for CT, you might travel to Middletown to find Jerry’s pizza. His standard bread for pizza, calzones, rolls and loaves of bread stands out above the rest.

(Melissa) #3

This is a bit of a homework assignment, but the comments section of this new york times article has lots of people from all over talking about their favorite bakeries. Maybe some will be in the states you’re traveling to.

A Baker’s Crusade: Rescuing the Famed French Boulangerie https://nyti.ms/2u5w3pk

(Jerry) #4

Tartine in San Francisco.

(Karla) #5

Thanks everyone! So no bread baking supply shops in New Haven area? Buying flour online seems poor environmental footprint.

(Karla) #6

I made a bread friend at a farmers market who is going to give me some starter :star_struck: Still going to try and “wake” my dried one up… i forgot the “wet” one at home… too many last things to do before getting on the plane - my sister sent me a meme photo she made, “mom you left me behind!!!”

(Harleyellen05) #7

If you can get to Vermont, go to the Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex exit 9, I-89. Go west to route 2, take a left and they are on the right down about 1/4 mile. Not only do they have amazing breads but you can sit at the counter while you you eat a sandwich or something and watch through the viewing window as they work.