Longer baguette pan?

(Daniel) #1

I can find plenty of 16" baguette pans, but I can’t seem to find any that are longer, say 18-20", which is the width of my stone, which itself leaves plenty of room for venting on all sides in my home kitchen oven.

Any suggestions on where to look? (The only one I see at Breadtopia is 16”.)

(Thomas) #3

You might try here: https://bakerenogkokken.no/bakeutstyr/brodbaking/baguettebrett-3-baguetter-smale-renner-svart-non-stick/

(chuck) #4

This Emile Henry baguette mold is 19" long.

(Harleyellen05) #5

I use kasskonnen brotform baskets dusted w rice flour. They’re about 17 1/2" long. I can bake 3 on my stone at once but two is better.