Lodge Dutch oven

Very pleased I took the plunge and bought the Dutch Oven.

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WOW! That’s a beautiful loaf. Great color on the crust and such a sumptuous crumb.

Pretty! Is that a 5 quart?

Thanks Paul.

No, it’s 3.2Qt.

Cool - and the loaf doesn’t look like it was compressed by the sides of the pan. I guess I could go smaller someday…except I have zero space to store another pot haha

Good for you. Looks lovely. Yep, there’s nothing like that Lodge Combo Cooker! I actually took the plunge and bought two so that I could bake two loaves at the same time. So glad I did.

Beautiful! I’ve thought about biting the same bullet.

Just tell yourself you’re worth it!

$37 on Amazon now and free shipping if you are a prime member!

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Here’s another from the Lodge. So worth investing in.

There great I love mine .

I think it is $29 at Walmart.

Does anyone have a whole grain sourdough wheat or rye recipe for a 5.5 quart Lodge?

I have a 3.2 Lodge … BUT, I’ve made this Traditional Whole Grain Sourdough several times and it fills, nearly overfills so I think it would be better in the 5.5 or I need to remember to split and do 2 bakes. I think the Artisan Sourdough Rye would be good as well although you could probably increase everything maybe 1.25 times.

I have a 5.5 qt Lodge DO. I’ve made quite a few Breadtopia recipe boules in it. The traditional whole grain sourdough Liz mentioned is a big loaf, ideal for that Dutch oven.

Hi Flo, I have purchased the 2nd combo cooker but have not yet tried baking two loafs at the same time. Did you need to make any adjustments and does the bread turn out as well as baking each loaf individually? Thanks!