Loaf Shaped Cloche?

Does anyone have recommendations for a loaf shaped cloche? Has anyone got experience (good or bad) with this one?


I love the boules produced in my dutch oven but my husband won’t stop buying bread until I can produce rectangular loaves (oval will not do :frowning: ).

I don’t have the Emile Henry bread baker, but have an EH pizza stone and like it very much which is to say I think that brand is very nice.

Other options … I’m guessing the oblong clay baker is not in the running as while not an oval, it is somewhat a rounded rectangle. I have that baker from the Breadtopia store and really like it and the loaf size/shape. (if you go to @breadwriter on Instagram that is @Fermentada’s (Melissa from this site) feed and she just made a gorgeous loaf in the oblong baker)

Have you looked at Pullman pans? There are 2 sizes in the Breadtopia store and also on Amazon if you prefer shopping there. You will get a rectangle loaf and the slices will be perfect squares.

I have a Lodge cast iron breadpan and use a USA aluminum pan for a lid to get a loaf that still has a crisp artisan-like crust.

You can’t see the entire loaf, but here is a sample of slices from a rye (with currants) that I made with the above pans:

I like the idea of using another loaf pan as a top. I might try that for a while and see how it goes.

I need to find more pictures of the loaf from the oblong cloche. I think I was confusing it with the batard which is definitely off the table. My only hesitation re the EH in the link I used is that it seems really small and too expensive to buy 2 of them. The oblong seems to hold a good sized loaf so as long as it’s mostly rectangular, I might be able to get away with that one – provided I eat the crust ends :slight_smile:

thanks for the input!

The crust ends are the best part anyhow! Go for it.

Here are a couple of photos from the oblong cloche. I give a friend a pre-sliced loaf of bread from it about once a week since lockdown – it’s her favorite shape.

I have an oblong clay baker that I really like; it’s far better than my Dutch oven that I do use occasionally when I want a boule. However, if I bake breads in both at the same time, the boule/Dutch oven one will invariably get too well done (close to burnt) on the bottom (this coming from someone who likes well done bread). With the clay baker, I never have to worry. And while the slices are not as regular as with a loaf pan, you can still make sandwiches, and have the added benefit of deciding whether to take a big slice from the middle or a smaller slice from the end. I highly recommend it! As for how big a loaf it can take, my usual bread has total flour of 600 g with about 30 g starter, just to give you an idea of size. However, I bake with a medieum to high percentage of whole grain so I don’t get the oven spring I’d get with all bread flour.

Oh, that loaf has lots of equal sized slices! I’m sure that will keep him happy and I’ll still get that lovely crust that I want so much. Thanks for the photo. This was a big help.

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Oblong clay baker has been ordered! I can hardly wait. :star_struck:

I’ve used pullman pans with one inverted in the past, I’ve used a terra cotta rectangtular pot for a window box (holes stuff with foil), a Roemertopf, and recently I got both the oval and oblong bakers. The oblong baker is my favorite by far.

I’ve made a couple of loaves in the oblong baker already and I love it. Hubby has stopped buying store bread so I think it’s a winner all around. Thanks everyone!

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Hi - What a gorgeous loaf! It’s what I aspire to. Just to be clear, was that made in the oblong clay baker from Breadtopia? I have been using that clay baker but it’s been difficult to tip the proofed loaf into it cleanly. (I use 500g of flour in making the loaf to give you an idea of size.) Do you have a special technique for transferring the proofed loaf into the oblong baker?

Yes, baked in the oblong cloche. I tip onto parchment, then transfer, and reuse the parchment until it’s toast.
Edited to explain further: cover your basket, nicely lined up, with the parchment, lay a cutting board over that. Then flip the whole shebang, for optimal control.

Thank you! I used this technique today and it worked perfectly.

Gorgeous loaf! Glad it worked.