La Cloche busted

I busted the bottom of my Cloche baker. It occurred to me that this has probably happened to many people before. Have you ever found a replacement for it? I know buying just a bottom is not happening but perhaps there are suitable replacements? Like perhaps a terra-cotta flower pot bottom dish? Has anyone found something that works? Before I go and buy a new one and end up having to throw away the dome… Incidentally if anyone has busted their dome and would be willing to part with the bottom they no longer used - let me know.


I bought my La Cloche from Breadtopia more than 10 years ago. I was extremely careful with it, never bumped it, was careful not to subject it to thermal shock beyond putting bread dough into a pre-heated vessel. But, after about six years it developed a serious crack, though it never broke. I continued to use it (with trepidation) as I sought a replacement.

I wrote to Eric to ask if he knew of a La Cloche Lonely Hearts group/site where folks looking for replacements might find parts. To no avail.

But eventually Goodwill came to the rescue, so do check thrift stores.
(I still think the Lonely Hearts idea might make a useful forum.)


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