La Cloche baking

(Heinz) #1

I have not had great success dumping the dough from a proofing basket into the hot clay baker. Instead, I line the clay baker with parchment paper and let the dough raise in it with the closed cover. Then place the clay baker into the 500F pre-heated oven. Comes out great every time. Would love to get your feedback.

(Leah) #2

That looks gorgeous! Admittedly, I just dump my dough, using the parchment paper transfer technique, into a fully preheated hot clay baker. That has always worked for me. What I love reading about is how every baker has developed their own personal baking technique that gives them great bread! Every baker, home environment, ingredients, sourdough, etc. is individual. To me that means whatever baking technique works for you to get a great loaf of bread is the right one! Bake on!


(Crystalview) #3

If I my baker to rise in without pre heating it only the oven. Woud this change the crust?

(Leah) #4

I have no idea, @Crystalview. I always preheat my baker. I’ve had consistently awesome results (well, I’ve had a couple bread failures that had nothing to do with the baker, just me putting in too much water in the dough).


(PDB) #5

I have always preheated my cloche, and just gently dump from my banneton. I’ve never had a problem with bread sticking, unless I made a mistake with the dough in the first place.
I agree with Leah1 that each baker seems to develop their own method of what works. I have heard of cold starts going into a warm oven, and people have videos showing good results that way. Seems not to influence the oven spring or crust development from what I can see.

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