La Cloche, Baking Vessel

(twodown02) #1

Should baking vessel be heated in oven while oven is being pre-heated to baking temp or should dough be put into baking vessel at room temperature? Does it matter?


(Phillip) #2

Hi, Mike. I always preheat the empty baking vessel to the envisioned baking temperature for 35 minutes. The way your La Cloche will then “shock” the room temperature or cold dough is probably a better way to get a good rise while baking.

All the best

(Leah) #3

@twodown02, I always preheat my clay baker in the oven too.


(Sara) #4

Hi, I proof in clay baker at room temp and then put it in the oven. Haven’t had any problem getting a good rise. I’m not fond of the burns I used to risk getting bread from banneton to hot baker, so I stopped doing it a while ago and didn’t find that the loaves suffered. Of course they didn’t have the pretty striping one gets with a banneton, but much easier.

(Lawrence Miller) #5

You will get a better rise in a preheated pot. I’ve baked both ways–cold pot and preheated pot. Check out the pictures on King Arthur Flour at