Kneading in food processor?

(GinaB) #1

I’ve been making my Russian rye bread in the stand mixer but I sold it last week. Kneaded the next batch by hand and it was very nice but this week my wrist hurt so I tried the food processor and my, what amazing results! Beautiful crumb, great crust… I had to divide the dough so it meant kneading two batches but who cares, the kneading time was a mere 45 seconds per batch! (I got the complete instructions online from Cook’s Illustrated.)

I will try this with my other breads but for sure I am never making that particular ecipe any other way.

(Crystalview) #2

Do you have a link?

(GinaB) #3

This is the one I used. I like it best because it has the complete directions.

(Crystalview) #4