Ken Forkish ...left over levain?

(gordonpowell) #1

I am baking Ken’s pain de campagne and followed the recipe exactly.

For the levain I used 100 g of my “mature, active levain” and 500 g of flour (100 g ww and 400 bread flour) and 400 g water.

When I mix the final dough, the recipe calls for ONLY 360 g of levain. What do I do with the left-over levin? Why is the recipe written this way?

(Ivan) #2

I use a lot of Ken Forkish recipes and I, too, find him very wasteful of flour in the starter recipes.
I just use proportionate amounts of the ingredients: in this case 360 is 36% of Ken’s levain of 1000 g total. For simplicity I round off to 40% all the ingredients: 40 g starter + 40 g WW + 160 bread flour + 160 g Water = 400 g. I have found that using 400 g levain instead of 360 g makes no difference in the final result. Happy baking!