Introducing the Mockmill Professional Line

I would love to be able to switch to needing to store only wheat berries instead of milled flour. So much more fridge space freed up and so much fun to mill my own flour. :grin:

I’ve been wanting to try milling my own flour. would be great to win

Would love a Mockmill. I got a crazy deal on a Kitchenaid grainmill and it’s adequate, but it’s no Mockmill

I found this site when I was looking for bannetons. Every result was Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. I live in Amazon’s back yard, have seen the damage they’ve done to my city. So I used a Boolean search like this, “banneton -Amazon” and that is how I discovered Breadtopia. I ordered a bunch of stuff: bannetons, a pair of heatproof gloves, an amazing oven size baking stone, a scraper, and a lame. I was very happy with my purchase and the service. I’ve read about how wheat and milk are treated similarly when processed, everything is separated out, and then recombined. I like the idea of being able to take raw grain and grinding it myself to make even more delicious homemade sourdough bread. No matter whether I win or not, I am very grateful for having discovered Breadtopia. Hooray for Boolean searches and Breadtopia, and Boo to Amazon.

Love your grains, What better way to turn them into a great bread then using the mock Mill

A day without bread is a sad day!

Love your products! I’ve been mulling my own grain for many years but I’d love to have this bad boy!

I would be delighted to have my own Mockmill. What a great idea this is!

Looking forward to baking with freshly ground flour.

I have the Mockmill 100 that I purchased in February 2018. It has made a HUGE difference in my life personally. Since I bought it and have cultivated my own batch of sourdough, thanks to a friend who gifted me some of hers, I’ve been making ALL our own bread using both whole grains and bread flour from Breadtopia since April 2018. I haven’t bought a single bread item from a store since then. Eric and have transformed how I approach bread. I’m thrilled with the results!


Bread is the staff of MY life!!

Fresh flour is a dream come true. I was home milling with my Grandmother’s small stone mill, until the stone got broken. I so miss that flavor.

Milling whole grains is the only way to go! I have been encouraging folks - young and old alike- for years to mill their own flours. I would absolutely love a Mockmill!

Sourdough is special, love it.

I am really bummed because I had bought so many items for baking bread - I was sprouting my own grains, drying them and then grinding them to use for my different breads. I had the right pans and baskets and racks etc. and then along came the Camp Fire - the worst fire for damage and loss of life in California history. It wiped out the whole town of Paradise and needless to say I didn’t have time to grab any of my beautiful pans, dryer, etc so it was all burned up. I did get out with my two little dogs but everything else was lost. It takes a lot of time replacing everything and I haven’t got to my bread making items yet. I would love to have a mockmill to begin my journey back to breads.
I really enjoy reading your interesting take on things and the site in general.
Thanks for this opportunity,
Lindalee Hatch

What a wonderful idea for a drawing. I can not think of anything I would like better. Homemade bread from fresh ground wheat berries would be heaven.

Thank you

Would love to own one of these mills!

Would love to have this mill. Might i also say Breadtopia is the best! My breadmaking got 100% better once i found this website.

I now live in Mexico and I´m delighted that the neighborhood kids gobble my homemade loaves. I generally use high protein artisan bread flour. I´d be happy to start sharing freshly milled whole grain loaves. Send ér this way. ¡Ole!

When it comes to whole-grain bread and rolls, freshly milled flour beats store bought flour.