Introducing the Mockmill Professional Line


Would love to try this, never used flour that fresh and usually use organic bread flout, whole wheat and all purpose.

I just got my Mockmill 100 last week, and I have already used up the 5-lb. bag of wheat berries that came with it! I love it! Now I want the 200 and will pass the 100 on to someone a little less bread aggressive than myself! :slight_smile:

This mill looks great and well made. I hope I am a winner!

I knead to loaf.

What an awesome opportunity to possibly own this amazing mill. Thank you for providing the opportunity. Ellen

I really enjoy the Breadtopia for recipes, tips, product reviews and so much more! Thank you!

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

This would be the perfect machine to mill the grain I use.

I look forward to comparing the Mockmill grinder with my Retsel Mill-rite grinder!

I’ve always thought it would be fun to grind grains t gone! Thanks for the chance!

We love baking for fun, health and community! Thank you breadtopia for being part of this journey!

I can almost smell the bread as it comes out of the oven on this website and hope that, someday, I will be able to reproduce the quality on my own. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying.

The fresher the better!

Inspiring, infomative site. Have been eyeing grain mills for some time.

I’ve always wanted to mill my own grain!

I am nuts for sourdough and use it for almost everything that is flour-based: pancakes, waffles, muffins, scones, etc. I don’t have an oven and do everything stovetop on or in various antique cast iron implements and pots. You can make a very decent loaf in a Dutch oven on the stove if you use a few tricks to mimic an enclosed oven. I also use only wild yeast (i.e., leave raw batter with access to air overnight, then briefly air it and then loosely cover daily until sour). I’ve never had a failure. It doesn’t require elaborate proportions and calculations if you have enough wild yeast in the air.

How great would winning this be!

I am a steadfast lover of all things gluten

I love milling my own flour since I use ancient grains, sprouted when possible.