I live in the Ocean State, so

I’m liking the ears on this one, sort of a cresting wave effect. :ocean: :surfing_woman:t2: It’s a spelt khorasan carmelized onion loaf. The recipe is based on Eric’s spelt & kamut loaf, plus onions. I used a pre-ferment for the first time, and it seemed to work well. Wednesday evening I made a preferment using 130 grams spelt, 200 grams of water, and 27 grams of whole wheat starter (100%) hydration. Let that sit overnight for about 12 hours. Thursday morning I mixed up the rest of the dough ingredients. I ran out of spelt so added about 110 grams (total) of a mix of bread and AP flour to make up the difference. So it’s roughly 80% whole grain. Thursday night I preshaped, shaped, placed the loaf in a banneton and proofed overnight in the fridge for 11 hours. Baked this a.m. after letting it sit on the counter for about half an hour.


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Gorgeous :ocean: and crumb. I’m curious…sauteed onions or raw?

Definitely carmelized – diced and sauteed in olive oil on low for about 20-25 minutes. I would think leaving them raw would mean they’d be cruncy and unpleasantly (?) sharp.

Yeah, i think so too, and haven’t tried it out of doubt that it would work out ok.