How To Make Sourdough Starter

(Melissa) #101

Wow cool starter stories! Thanks for sharing!

My only starter story is that I threw out my first starter. I just wanted to do it once, bake a double batch of bread and that’s it…or so I thought. A few weeks later I felt the urge and made a new starter and haven’t stopped baking since. My vacations are never so long that the fridge unfed time is a problem.

(Liz) #102

No matter what starter you buy or are gifted … ultimately it becomes “your” starter in that it has the bacteria and characteristics of your location and conditions. So, you can buy SF or Seattle or Alaskan starter, but eventually it will be “Your house” starter.

As far as “sourness”, Melissa’s link and searching will get input on making your starter and bread more or less sour.

At my house, in Northwest Montana, with a starter of a local minimally processed flour and my own well water (untreated, so I assume full of GREAT bacteria!), and a weekly/semi-weekly feed and bake … I have not much sour but a flavor I happen to very much like so have not messed with it. Side note: I keep my house VERY cool at 62-65F Fall-Winter-Spring and as close to that as I can get in the Summer (typically 65-68F). Those cool temps “theoretically” are unfriendly to starter and naturally leavened bread and baked goods. Hah! Not so for me :slight_smile:

(Marcia) #103

You are so right-natural bacteria in the air is what you get to ferment foods-regardless where you live. I so enjoy fermented foods-I have 1 quart sliced cabbage curing for kraut; I’m believer in Kombucha made at home-I make Ginger influenced; Yogurt always and now & then Keifer; and when I was younger I made beer with well water; I’ve never tried fermenting grapes for wine.(but I have friends that do) I always have to check myself-do I love the process & tools or the product? Life is short-just enjoy what you do.

(Melissa) #104

Lol yes, I was keeping kombucha and jun tea going for a while (so fun!) but I really don’t have enough consumers in my house to justify two gallons of fermenting tea every couple of weeks. I decided recently to pull back to just the kombucha. :cry::sweat_smile:

(surgtech2006) #107

Hi, I probably missed it, but by using this formula what is the hydration or ratio of this starter? Thanks!

(Lissa) #108

I ave not had luck withe maintaining sourdough starter. I am a widow living alone and need pointers for making and maintaining pointers. Thank you. Lissa

(Melissa) #109


Here is a good place to starter learning. oh gosh a bad pun :wink:

I and many others on this board can help if you’ve got specific questions.