How To Make Sourdough Starter

(Eric) #61

I could probably tell you if I could see and smell it. Even just seeing it can help if you want to post a photo. How does it smell? Pleasant? Not pleasant? 78-81º is quite warm. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that there was a fair amount of natural yeast present to start with and just took off pretty fast.

(Debra) #62

Interesting… I don’t experience an increase in the sour taste of the bread I bake, and I only feed my starter with whole grain freshly milled flour. But the bread I baked resulting from leaving the starter at room temp when it was really hot last summer was super sour and the sourdough was really really sour tasting.

Thank you for sharing your experience on the starters’ taste when fed with whole grain vs. refined flour. I look forward to being motivated to keep more than one starter to see the difference between the two. My baby is an only child.

(Four hundred degrees) #63

It. Smells good and Doubles, Im baking a loaf of The All Spelt bread and
Will see how it works? Only thing for now I did wrong was I put the dough
In seam up

(Eric) #64

There have been worse offenses. :wink:

Guess the proof will be in the pudding. Or something like that. Will be waiting to hear the outcome.

(Four hundred degrees) #65

Wow, I have never had a sourdough that good.
The markets, restaurants etc. absolutely could learn a thing or two about
It. I never realized just what I had been missing when I ordered Sourdough!
Thanks so much!

(Eric) #66

Nice! I guess your starter is good.

(Norman) #67

Hi Eric, I followed your video on making your own sourdough using the pineapple solution. I am at day 3 and I have some activity and during the night it stopped. it’s day 4 and 3 hours until day five and step #3. my starter has some liquid on top (hooch) so I just poured it of and still no activity? It still smells sweet and the color is good (white) using bread flour, so I decided to feed it instead of waiting 3 hours using step #3. To my surprise it was like jump starting a battery, it’s got lots of bubbles and their moving and popping all over!! Now do I stir it 2-3 times during (24 hrs) step #3?

(Eric) #68

No, you don’t need to stir it. It sounds like it’s well enough on its way that it won’t require much more babysitting or prodding. The stopping of activity was probably just the yeast exhausting its food supply. When you fed it, it picked back up. Pouring off the hooch was good. From this point on it’s just a matter of feeding it a few times over the next couple days and it should be good to go. Then you might get some help if necessary from the info on this page: Welcome to sourdough parenthood.

(Norman) #69

Thanks Eric for the quick response, this is very exciting for me!!

(Peggy Sue) #70

If this question was already asked I apologize. Can distilled water be used in place of purified or spring water? Thanks

(Eric) #71

Sure. I’ve read that starter likes minerals in water that would be absent from distilled water, but I can’t imagine it would make much difference.

(Peggy Sue) #72

Thank you!

(bonnie6561) #73

Eric, why do I need to use a loose fitting lid on my jar? I’m using a tight fitting one and it seems to be working fine.

(Paul) #74

Oversimplifying a bit, there are two categories of microbes - aerobic (meaning need oxygen) and anaerobic (meaning not needing oxygen). The good microbes (the ones you want in there) in your sourdough starter are aerobic and if they can’t get some air after a while they will die and then your culture will get taken over by the anaerobic microbes and turn into a foul-smelling, slimy mess instead of sourdough starter.

(bonnie6561) #75

Ok. Thank you!

(Lou) #76

Hi Eric,
can i use the sourdough starter to make a pizza?

(Paul) #77

(Sharron) #78

Eric, After successfully growing a pineapple juice starter over a week, I baked my first bread yesterday. It all disappeared before photos were taken! Previously I had not been able to obtain such a strong starter as this one…I have passed on the recipe and details of your web site. Now keen to make the sourdough pizza…Thankyou so much …from an Aussie baker!

(ppax) #79

My first attempt was a success! I did make the mistake of doubling the starter in a jar that was not quite large enough so woke up to a bit of a mess. No problems though as it left enough starter to try two loaves. Bought a much larger jar to avoid this in the future. Thank you so much for the video- it worked fabulously for me!

(Sharron) #80

I made 2 pizza from my new sourdough ‘mother’ and I have to say this is totally awesome. The bases were thin, crispy, browned on the base, and extremely tasty. Thankyou for this recipe…now my new go-to!