How to make Corn Tortillas, Nixtamalizing and Grinding Dried Corn_redone.pdf

This is great! I love your sense of humor and the instructions are clear. I’ll have to get my hands on some Cal soon to try it.

The frustrating part (which the Mexicans don’t seem to have an issue with) is the hydration of the corn mix. A little to dry and the tortilla will split or break easy. A little to wet and they stick to your hands. It is a fine line THEY seem to have a knack for.

The next time I make them I was going to try and add either soaked Chia or Flax seed 1 tablespoon soaked in 3 tablespoons water per cup corn (of course reduce the water by that amount.) When the Mayans or Mexicans or whoever came up with these probably they did not have or probably never thought to add and in our “enlightened times” we now like to make things better.

If the Chia helps hold the corn together when pressing and transferring it will cut down on the wine consumption… HAHAHA Besides extra nutrition.

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