How to get a thicker crust?

(SingKevin) #1

Just finished an experiment where I upped the hydration to 85% using 25% whole wheat and the bread looks and tastes great but for the fact that the crust is paper thin. Does anyone know what causes this?

(Chapps) #2

It looks like you might not be scoring your bread before baking. This might mean that the bread is stretching to its limits - but not splitting - and thus creating a really thin crust. Try scoring your next loaf and see if this is the issue. (I’m just picking up baking after a 20 year hiatus, so my opinions are VERY suspect!)

(SingKevin) #3

You are right, of course, that I didn’t score this loaf. I usually do but was afraid of deflating the high hydration dough if I did that.

(Chapps) #4

I honestly feel that scoring is mandatory - it allows you to control how the bread will expand and break. Your bread had high hydration and probably also a very, very elastic gluten property, so it inflated like a balloon. And, like a balloon, it stretched thin. That’s my best guess, at least. I did the same once and rectified it by scoring. Baking is a lot like chemistry - complex! Variables like water and different types of flour can really change the bread. See what happens when you score - and let us know how it goes.

(carolyncolmer) #5

Oooo, I am glad someone brought up that question. I am to a point with your sourdough bread recipe that I don’t even read the directions anymore and I encountered the same problem with my last two loaves and voilà It was because I had neglected to score the top before baking.