How can I enhance yeast flavor in no knead bread?

I am new to bread baking (Love!) and have tried the no-knead technique both with sourdough starter and instant dry yeast. I’ve been satisfied with the outcome so far but I feel my bread is lacking the yeasty flavor. Is there a way to increase it?

If you use more yeast, you’ll get a stronger yeast flavor and aroma, but the rise times will be shorter. That means time won’t do the gluten development for you in this scenario.

You could do some active gluten development: stretching and folding of the dough – to make up for this. Now we’re no longer looking at a “no knead” dough so much but maybe that’s okay if you get that delicious yeastiness :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the prompt advise!
Assuming I should do this step before 8 -12 hours first proofing?

I would use 1 to 2 teaspoons of yeast at the mixing stage and expect a much shorter first rise (also shorter final proof). You’ll have to keep an eye on the dough.

Maybe you could add yeast later on, but you’d run the risk that it doesn’t get fully absorbed or distributed well into the dough.

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Are you talking about dry yeast or sourdough starter.