Home flour milling--Is there a good "how to" book for beginners?

I want to start home milling my flour but I haven’t found any instructions covering techniques. Is there a good book for this? Like: do you sift all flour? what kind of wheat berries for artisan bread, pastries, pasta, etc? How to adapt recipes. How to mill the same flour as Breadtopia’s Bread Flour. Do you use flour right away or let it age? Thanks, Kathy

I’m not a miller, but from what I’ve read online, most folks seem to use the flour “green” or un-aged/oxidized.

From reading “Bread” by Jeffery Hamelman, using green flour can preseny some difficulty for commercial bakers. I don’t know if this applies to the “no knead” or very wet doughs that many use currently.

In addition to the help from the community here, there are also tutorials that may help answer some of your questions. Happy milling!


This covers some of the questions you have:

I’m not a big sifter, but this is a good thread with techniques for that:

I did do an experiment on sifting, soaking, and adding bran back into bread dough; and you’ll see in the comments a lot of interesting additional info.

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Thank you, Dave . I have Hamelman’s book; I will read about 'green" flour.

Thanks Melissa. I read all the pages you mentioned. I learned a lot! I am so looking forward to my own experiments and wonderful tasting bread.

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