Hodgson Mill Rye Flour update 1/2/20

For what it’s worth. Last Fall, I posted that Hodgson Mill Rye flour customer service folks said they thought their flour would be in production about late September or early October. Not seeing it on the shelves yet; I sent them a note to see if they had any update.

They responded " Thank you for patience. We apologize but this item is out of stock and production has not yet started. Please go to our website [www.hodgsonmill.com] early 2020 for restock. You can also add an email address on the website for a restock notification when available. It will be available sometime later in the stores.

Hope this is useful, H

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Thanks Harold…I guess that explains why I can’t find it anywhere anymore! (I guess I missed your last post). I sent them an e-mail about a year ago asking where I could find it with no reply. I now buy rye berries in bulk from Amazon and grind my own.

I should have mentioned that natural food stores may have bulk Rye flour. I’ve been getting my from them in bulk bags of 2 or 3 pounds, which is much cheaper than the online stores… I live in PA and we have Amish markets, all of which carry Rye. H