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Hi! I’m new here and just starting on my sourdough journey. I love that it’s such a fun learning experience as well as the perfect mix of science and creativity!

Above are images of my attempt at the no knead sourdough recipe on this site. I was so pleased with how tall the loaf got because I’ve attempted this recipe before and gotten hockey puck loaves as the result. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of determining when my starter is thriving.

I don’t have a lame so I scored with a steak knife. Don’t have a proofing basket so I used a bowl lined with a towel. Don’t have a thermometer so it was a little under done. Whoops. :grimacing: Looking forward to those items in the future.

I included a crumb shot because I’d really love a less dense/more open crumb. I’m wondering if that’s realistic for this recipe and if there’s any advice anyone could offer to help me achieve that.

Happy to be here. Looking forward to learning lots!


@juliehurd I’m impressed, Julie! I think your loaf looks great and yummy! In my personal experience baking no-knead sourdough, I have found that the more whole grain in the recipe, the more dense the crumb and less oven-spring or rise in the bake. So, basically, the “healthier” the bread, the denser it is, LOL! In my opinion, whole grains weigh more than fully processed white flour so the little wee beasties fermenting and rising the dough have to work that much harder. Enjoy the heartiness and flavor of every bake. Even using the same recipe every time will produce a slightly different result every time. Every loaf will be unique. Savor that uniqueness and enjoy every bite, knowing that you baked it yourself. It’s part of what I love about baking my own bread. A part of “me” is in every loaf.

Keep baking and welcome to Breadtopia, this forum and the incredible journey as a bread baker!


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