Heritage Wheat Strawberry Shortcake

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Thank you for sharing such useful tips. I will definitely love to try such delicious strawberry cakes.

Visited the webpage. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love to bake cakes and i will definitely try this at home.

Hi, I’m excited to try this soon and I don’t have date sugar. The internet says date sugar is sweeter than cane sugar. I’m curious if you have noticed that difference and think I should bump the regular sugar amount?
Google search tells me 2/3-to-1, date to white sugar.

@Fermentada Melissa Great question! It’s true that date sugar is sweeter than white cane sugar. A ratio of 2/3c date sugar to 1c white sugar should do the job.

Thank you. I gave the recipe a try and loved it. For the shortcake part, I added a little more sugar since i was using cane sugar, like an extra 3/4 Tbsp. The sugar amounts elsewhere, I just left the same, figuring I could sprinkle more on the strawberries if i felt it was missing (and whipped cream I liked the ratio as is).

I used fresh-milled sprouted spelt flour, which was so tasty. Surprisingly, it absorbed less of the milk. Rather than follow your thoughtful instruction to add it slowly, I dumped the milk in the food processor :joy: but a little more flour fixed that and all was well.

Thank you for a great recipe! Here’s a pic of my final product.