Help with bread getting stuck

I am using the No-Knead Bread recipe. So far it always worked. I am trying out a new Cloche and it got stuck so badly…see picture. I basically had to rip it out and soak the cloche. I am very sad. What am I doing wrong?

@Angelika, the tutorial I have linked to and the pictures with it will guide you through a marvelous parchment paper technique to keep your bread from sticking to your cloche or covered clay baker. I use the technique with every bread I bake and it works perfectly. I know it’ll work for you too.


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I recently ruined two loaves in a pullman tin by making the mistake of brushing the loaves with water with the intention of increasing the steam when it baked with the lid closed. I did lightly oil the lid but it wasn’t enough to stop the dough sticking to the lids and I couldn’t get the lid off without completely ruining the bread.

After that I used one tin with parchment paper on the lid and the other with butter (greased). I floured the top of the loaves instead of wetting them. Both loaves worked fantastically and the lids just came off with no resistance at all…

So… if you haven’t already done so maybe get a shaker and use it to flour the outside of your loaves after shaping. I think that would help with sticking. So would parchment paper of course but I think flour might do the trick as well. Flouring makes the dough less sticky. When you think about it the way you can get seeds to stick to the top of a loaf is by brushing them with just water (or an egg if you want). So doing the opposite (flouring them) helps take away the stickiness.

Thank you for your tip with the parchment paper! I made a spelt sourdough with sunflower seeds and it turned out great!


Your loaves look fantastic- very happy for you!

@Angelika That looks beautiful and tasty! I’m so glad the technique worked for you too!