Happy to deal with Breadtopia

(sparks) #1

I just received the Starter Kit that I ordered and am excited to begin. I was delighted to see the receipt bore an actual signature, in ink, by the person processing the order. It said “Thanks, Elaine,” and was signed, Kim.

I have to say that in today’s world it is extremely rare. That was a personal touch that says the nicest things about Breadtopia as a company and how it views its customers.
Love it and I could not let it go unappreciated.

Best to you.


(Eric) #2

Thanks Elaine :slight_smile:

(Gregg Hall) #3

I have had a similar experience. I have now placed 3 orders and all have been exactly as advertised, well packed, and on time. I have been having a great time making bread. The only problem is my wife and I can’t eat it fast enough and I want to experiment, so I have now moved into the giving it to friends to eat stage.