Grain Mill Review

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Nutrimill, Wondermill and Wolfgang Mill Demonstration It’s hard to beat freshly milled whole grain flour when you want to maximize the nutritional value and flavor of your bread. Milling your own grain has other practical advantages as well. The long shelf life of whole grain berries allows you to buy more economically in bulk and…

(bugout) #2

I saved up in order to buy the GrainMaker model 99. I did a lot of research not only of the mills but of the companies that make them. The GrainMaker is made in the USA in a tool and machine shop in Montana. It did not take me long to know which one I wanted. The mill is constructed of machined alloy steel not cast. They offered me a lifetime warranty on the mill, even the burrs! I could not find that with any other company. I also received a grainbreaker auger and a free 5 # bag of wheat with my mill. I can’t say enough about my mill. It is amazing and I also can grind my own peanutbutter without changing anything on the mill. Thank you to this amazing company. I called them and the owner answered the phone and even gave me recipes from her family. =)