Giving Away Three Copies of Dan Leader's New Book: LIVING BREAD

I love baking bread the old fashion way. I would love this book to learn more about successful bread making, techniques and new recipes.

Can’t wait to see Living Bread! I still have my original copy of Bread Alone and I would love to see what’s fresh and new in Daniel Leader’s latest. Baking bread adds so much to life!

Looking forward to reading this book and then really looking forward to baking these amazing breads!

I love everything Breadtopia! Even the Danish Whisk! I have it all. I have given complete sets of everything needed for the no-knead artisan bread to 2 of my granddaughters.
I would love to receive this book!
Thank you for the opportunity!
Jeannie Johansen

I remember visiting Dan’s bakery many years ago when I lived on the east coast. I would welcome a copy of his wonderful book. Thank you!

Been baking my own bread (and collecting cookbooks) forever. Would love this new book!
Thanks for your great website Eric.

Sounds like a terrific book! I look forward to adding it to my bookshelf, one way or the other.

The book looks amazing! I recently picked up 1.5 pound loaf of Double Fermented Sprouted Sunflower Seed & Rye Sourdough Bread at a Co-op, it was divine. Incredible tart, tangy sour flavor , a real treat!

I enjoy your site and it would be nice to win Dan’s book

I’m a novice beadmaker and I’d love to win a copy.

I sure hope I win. I’d love to take my bread baking to the next level with the help of Dan Leader!

Sounds divine - thanks for sharing!

I have spent several years learning the process of natural fermentation of bread making or sourdough. Can’t wait to read this book along with the excellent recipes already available on Breadtopia.

Thank you for this great opportunity

Thank you for the opportunity to add to my bread baking library. I’ve been a long time baker of natural yeasted breads. Can’t wait for the opportunity to learn more

I am not an avid bread maker but I’m working at it. Especially with different kinds of flour.

I am learning with my husband and kids sourdough bread making. A book like this would help.

Been doing a lot of home milling of my grains and would love a new book to expand my knowledge of all things bread.

Bought my first sourdough starter from Breadtopia several years ago and have been making great sourdough bread ever since. Would love to learn more and expand my sourdough options! It’s the best!!!

I am really looking forward to this book.