Fresh-Milled Corn and Wheat Sourdough Tortillas

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Thanks for sharing your recipe, as well as comments. Your post of corn-wheat tortillas has prompted a myriad of thoughts. Being from New Mexico I was used to freshly made corn tortillas. Store-bought corn tortillas are generally bland and tasteless, in my opinion. Thus, I recently experimented with making masa from yellow dent corn - using the nixtamalization process - and continuing on to make tortillas. I am pleased to report they were a complete success.

However, my husband prefers flour tortillas - primarily because of their pliability. Your recipe seems to be the best of both worlds - flavorful and pliable. Do you think that a combination of ground nixtamalized corn and milled White Sonora wheat (or Spelt or Kamut) - without benefit of the sourdough component - would yield tortillas as flavorful as the ones you made? There is no better time than the present to experiment. I will give it a go after the holidays and report back.


Congrats on nixtamalizing the yellow dent corn. I haven’t tried yet, and it’s great to hear that it works.

I think you’ll be fine without the sourdough. The corn and wheat are still so flavorful. Also, a long rest before rolling should help the dough consistency regardless of fermentation.
(I’m sure the nixtamalization of the corn will also make a positive difference in the pliability and ease of rolling.)
I’d love to hear how it goes.

Melissa: I actually found this recipe in the link a year ago and made it using the food processor. Making corn tortillas is a real skill and hats off to the Latins that show it as so easy. The resultant Masa in the food processor required significant additions to get it to the point of being usable and then it was a pure struggle. I actually had to have a couple of adult beverages to finish the process. I found making the Nixtamal and then drying the corn before processing is the way to go. I tried various methods including using my Mockmill and found thorough drying and then making flour which can be mixed in close proportions work the best.

As far as the Nixtamal is concerned the long soaking really makes a very strong flavor, it actually stunk up the house for days until I could get rid of it. I experimented and finally came up with a procedure that makes a mild flavor product and “fairly” easy to mix into Masa. There is a real learning curve with plain ole Masa, water and salt.

If you want to see my instructions for dent corn I would have to clean them up a bit and could forward.

Lol at needing some adult beverages to finish. Some baking and cooking projects are beastly for sure.

I haven’t been deep in the nixtamalization process myself but I do find it interesting. Kudos for finding a way. Do you by chance have a blog? I could link to your nixtamalization instructions from the tortilla recipe?

I tried the blog thing and found it too much work. I’m retired and have way too much to do. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:anyways if you want I can send to you and if you feel it is worthy do one of your posts to the blog. I like sharing with folks especially if they are trying to learn. (Like I am some kind of a guru…NOT)

My process included screwing up my Mockmill, having to get new stones from Germany and then in the end needed Breadtopia for other parts. Eric was kind enough to just send them he must have felt sorry for me. BUT I learned from it. Hey and now I can make corn torillas!!!