Fourneau bread oven

(medein) #1

Thoughts/opinions from those who have used one?
Can’t see a clear advantage over cloche/cast iron baking…

(Leah) #2

@medein, It looks interesting and promising but for my needs, I wouldn’t purchase it. Here’s why: 1) I simply can’t lift anything cast iron. It’s way too heavy for me and I would find it cumbersome to put in and out of my oven at the least. 2) Where would I store it when not in use? 3) I have a Breadtopia country loaf covered clay baker that I can lift easily as needed and it’s baked gorgeous loaves for me every time (with the exception of a couple bread fails that were my fault, not the clay baker).

I know there are those individuals who LOVE cast iron. If I could physically lift a cast iron pan or dutch oven I might be one to sing cast irons praises. Since I’ve never used cast iron I’ll stick to what I’ve got that works very well for me.


(archdrake) #3

The Forneau is basically an over insert, I have one and I like it a lot. I have the original version that consists of a cast iron base (9 lbs) a domed cover (11 lbs) and a front hatch (3lb). The base and dome stay in place and do not need to be moved while in use.
It’s the ideal shape to bake an oblong batard loaf which I prefer to a boule.
I have the original version, but one they sell now has a metal peel that says in the oven while baking. The peel has a detachable handle which makes it easy to manipulate. The handle also hooks onto the hatch so you can close and open the unit.
The really nice thing about this setup is that you can bake in what amounts to a Dutch Oven without ever having to touch any hot cast iron or use a hot pad… Yes, it’s heavy but only the front hatch needs to be moved and it has a detachable handle. I store mine in the oven and only remove it I need to oven for something else.