Forkish Overnight Blonde Sourdough

This time I followed the recipe precisely, including the building of the Levain overnight (rather than just dipping into my jar). Got much more rise out of it, translucent crumb like I have not achieved before, although a bit wet and needed more than the usual 2 hours to settle down. Incredibly delicious.

Boule on left no lame, natural method in line with Forkish suggestion; Batard on right lame slit down the middle…

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Nice bread and nice landscape :slight_smile:

Man, I wish I’d seen this post a couple of months ago. I’ve done every bread in the Forkish book with good to moderate success but this OCB recipe kicked my butt every time. Then, out of the blue I hit it right and got a good one, not as good as yours, but OK. These two look great. I especially like that no lame version on the left

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I made this recipe this past weekend. Delicious bread. What I found with his recipes is he overstates the proofing time. It called for 4 hours but I baked after 3 and got great spring.