For Bread - Cost Calc

If your interested you can download it from here:

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This is for the cost of basic bread ingredients - does not include energy costs, equipment, or baker’s time?

Yes it is just a simple mickey mouse FREE calculator that I threw together to give us newbies an idea of what it cost to make a loaf of bread. You can improve on it if you like or delete it. :blush: I just finished the bakers % calculator and will may make improvements in a while.

Your chart is a very good start for the home baker. Some years ago, after being asked repeatedly by friends and neighbors how much I would charge for a loaf of bread I did some calculations. First there is the cost of basic ingredients (flour, yeast, salt, water and, of course, any “extras” like raisins, cranberries, nuts, etc.). The cost of flour varies by type (e.g., organic, type of grain, heirloom or inexpensive white flour flour from the local market). Then there is basic equipment. Besides electricity, gas, stove and refrigerator (which holds my starters and various other bread ingredients), I use a 7 quart KitchenAid mixer for most of my kneading; a Brød & Taylor proofer; 8 or so proofing baskets in varying sizes and shapes as well as 6 covered clay bakers (by Emile Henry, Romertopf and Netherton Foundary); lames; docker; sifters; thermometer; timers; Mock Mill grinder … and so forth. Then there’s my time spent: feed/care of live yeasts, grinding, operating KA, hand shaping, proofing, baking, shopping for and/or picking up grains and flours. For anyone considering “going pro,” there are more necessary calculations, including but not limited to, rent/mortgage, professional expenses (accounting, legal), insurance, employee expenses, etc. I take my hat off to the professional artisan bread makers who make it work!

Yes I know there is a lot too the art, its not just a food. As far as the calculator goes I do not know much about excel m just youtube trained and do it to keep my mind busy. Now I am mking bread or at least rying I give a lotaway to the older folks here in the building. thanks for your input