Food Slicer for cutting bread

I just want to mention that I cut perfect bread to whatever slice width I want with an old Philips Food Slicer ie. with a circular blade. Similar slicers are often cheaper than a good serrated bread knife (I looked on Amazon) and certainly cheaper than a bread knife and a slicer guide. The other day I did perfect 13mm wide slices and today I did standard 11mm width slices no problem at all and it looks like it came from a professional bread slicing machine from the bakery pretty much. Far better than I was doing with a knife and I’m not that bad with a knife either.

Just thought I’d throw that out there in case it helps…

I don’t mind a rustic slice of bread but I count my calories and it’s nice to have them consistent in terms of weight per slice sometimes.

Thanks for that suggestion—I’m going to try it!

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@kateo I’ll send you a picture of how well it does the job - they are 11mm slices.


Those are beautiful slices!

Thanks to you, I dug out my old Krups slicer and got some great uniform slices! So easy!

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The slicer did a great job there - the bread looks fantastic too!

A good slicer certainly adds to the bread baking experience. Recently I picked up a fifties manual German bread slicer for ten bucks. Gave it a good overhaul, cleaning and lubrication. Works like a charm!
Electric or manual, either way it is a must have tool.

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