Flic Floc Problems?

Hi - After yearning for years, finally bought a Komo Flic Floc on eBay. Seller said pretty much like new, which I believe because it still looks new. I use it to flake wheat, barley, rye, and oats to make muesli. Lovely! (I soak the wheat and barley for 20 minutes, then dry overnight, because they are harder grains). Unfortunately, the left flaking wheel often seizes up and I have to use my thumb to get it going again. Contacted Komo, and they were pretty terrific - sent them a video of the problem and they offered to send me a metal washer to install behind the left wheel. They asked Pleasant Hill to send it and I installed it (actually two of them) per the instructions and it worked pretty well for awhile, but now it’s started seizing again. I don’t want to take it apart very many more times, because it’s a wood screw, and I can see that the wood may start to get loose in the screw hole. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? My thumb is getting a bit sore from restarting the wheel every minute or so. Thank you very much!